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Contact Lenses Specialist

Elizabeth MacDonald, OD -  - Optometrist

Elizabeth MacDonald, OD

Optometrist & Ophthalmologist located in Maitland, FL

Contact lenses aren’t one-size-fits-all, and that’s why Hunter Vision goes the extra mile to give you a perfect fit. Elizabeth MacDonald, OD, and her dedicated team of eye care professionals perform various tests and then match your lenses to your lifestyle and needs. Call the Maitland, Florida, office or schedule a consultation online today.

Contact Lenses Q & A

What vision issues can contact lenses correct?

Like eyeglasses, contact lenses can treat all kinds of refractive errors. These include:


Myopia is nearsightedness, in which you can see close up very well but have fuzzy distance vision. 


Hyperopia is farsightedness, in which distant objects appear clear but you have a blurry near vision.


Astigmatism happens when your cornea curves more than usual; typically, it means that you have elongated corneas. This distorts or blurs both near and far vision to varying degrees depending upon the degree of astigmatism. 


Presbyopia is an age-related change in your vision. At around 40, most people lose some lens elasticity in their eyes, making it harder to see fine details and close-up objects. This is why most people eventually need reading glasses, even if they don't have myopia or hyperopia. 

Many people have more than one refractive error. For example, many people with myopia also have astigmatism. Regardless of your refractive errors, contact lenses can help. 

How does a contact lens exam work?

Your contact lens exam at Hunter Vision includes special tests to measure the size, curvature, and surface of your corneas. Additionally, Hunter Vision considers your lifestyle and hobbies to determine the right lens type for you. 

This extensive preparation allows for the most precise lens fit on your eye, which means maximum comfort when you wear your new contact lenses. After your exam, you'll try on your new lenses. If they fit well and feel good, you can test-drive the contacts at home. 

After you wear the lenses for a while, you'll come back to Hunter Vision to make sure the new contacts are right for you. If you have even the slightest issue with your contacts, Hunter Vision can make adjustments and find lenses perfect for you. 

What are the options in contact lenses?

Hunter Vision offers a full range of contact lenses for all refractive errors and eye issues. The main options are:

  • Soft contact lenses - breathable lenses of silicone or other soft materials
  • Gas permeable contact lenses - rigid lenses that allow oxygen into your eye
  • Hybrid contact lenses - combination lenses with a soft outer ring and rigid center

Within these categories, there are many options as well. You can get lenses for dry eyes, contacts for astigmatism, contacts with multiple prescriptions in one lens, and many other types of contacts. 

How long can I wear contact lenses?

The amount of wear time depends on the brand and type of lenses. With soft contact lenses (the most common lenses), you can choose from daily disposables that you throw away after each use or extended wear that can last up to a month. 

You never need to suffer from uncomfortable or ill-fitting contacts at Hunter Vision. Instead, get a perfect fit and superior performance by calling the office or scheduling an appointment online today.